How a Global Media Company Uses Analytics for Better Customer Insight

by Michael Finn

Fragmented data is an issue when you’re trying to capture clickstream data on your customers. If you’re an organization that has multiple platforms across your digital landscape, then you’ll want to know what your customers are doing and how much time they’re spending on each of your platforms. You’ll also want to know if one of your platforms isn’t receiving as much engagement from your audience. Providing a clear picture of your audience and their interactions with your product allows your organization to offer a personalized experience to your customers.

Suffering from Fragmented Data

A large media company, based in the UK, was looking to overcome their issues with fragmented data. With over 25 million unique visitors, they needed to link their data across three different platforms. With a public-facing website, news edition, and mobile application, they wanted to see how their users interacted with each platform. The issue at hand was that all three platforms issued separate IDs for individual users. There was no way of understanding how a single user engaged with each platform. As they looked to connect this data, they were also interested to find what their users were watching and the period of time they were engaged with each platform.

Connecting the Data

The media company decided to use Syntasa’s ID Graph to connect all three report suites. This has allowed them to paint a clearer picture of the customer’s journey and they’re now able to identify when a user first appeared on their website, and all of the actions they’ve taken on any platform. Syntasa’s reports and tables are also helping this media company determine the size of their audience on each platform. As they continue to grow and develop their platforms, they are looking to better understand their users in order to create personalized experiences for them.

If you’re interested to learn how they’re leveraging Syntasa’s platform to link their data and understand their audience, download the full case study below.

Download this CASE STUDY to see how a global media company is using analytics for better customer insight

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Michael Finn

VP of Product Marketing at Syntasa

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