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Behavioral Sentiment Analytics

The COVID vaccine challenge is upon us

Tap into a broader source of behavior to get a more representative view of your residents’ attitudes and intentions. Leverage passive sources of digital behavior to keep your finger on the pulse. Get insights into which topics are most popular, how sentiment is trending, and where you should focus your efforts.

The power of machine learning and big data

Google Cloud makes it possible to bring data together, measure sentiment and toxicity, and find the groups that need the most attention

Combining digital behavior and outcome data is the key

The COVID pandemic has provided an unprecedented need to analyze this new source of data to gain insights into attitudes and beliefs — and connect them to real-world outcomes like virus spread, vaccine progress, and cases.

website, surveys

Resident interactions with surveys, search, websites, and apps

Engagements with social media, call centers, and chatbots


Outcomes like virus spread, vaccine shipment, treatment, and associated gaps

Mind the Gaps

You need a granular view into which areas and cohorts need the most focused attention.

map identify areas | mapping sentiment

Where is the virus progressing without the availability of vaccines?

Where are residents willing to vaccinate, but not engaging digitally?

Where are vaccines available, but residents are hesitant to take them?

Solution Capabilities

Actionable Insights

Provides communications and public health leaders with the ability to see what matters most to them

Sentiment by Topics

Measures sentiment, scores toxicity, and aggregates conversations into similar topics

More Effective Outreach

Improve visibility of ads, website content, emails, and app notifications for the groups that need them most

Trending Over Time

All data is automatically updated and tracked over time to show trends and impacts of actions

Taking action has never been easier

Prescriptive insights into the areas and cohorts that need specific actions
Covid Vaccine Advertising
Digital persuasion ads for hesitant groups that are engaged
Partner with community-based organizations to engage vaccine hesitant groups
Addressing residents in socially vulnerable communities

“Public health leaders face unprecedented challenges in distributing the COVID vaccine. Today’s environment requires new ways of solving problems, and the data and insights from Syntasa are like a secret weapon.”

Anonymous - Leader from Western State Government

Better data for better decisions

You might be surprised how much data you have available to guide your COVID vaccination efforts.
On-site Surveys

Responses from visitors to your websites

Community Surveys

Responses from the broader community

call center
Call Centers

Transcripts of resident phone calls

website traffic

Page visits, transactions, and content


Transcripts from on-site chat conversations

social media
Social Media

What topics are people talking about?

app transactions

App visits, transactions, and content


Insight gathered on searches from Google


Public data from Census and social vulnerability

Additional Resources

Google Cloud Sentiment Analysis: A Foundation for a Successful COVID-19 Vaccination Strategy

Science has never moved faster, we now face a hurdle–rolling out a large-scale, rapid immunization initiative unlike anything we’ve seen before. 

Blog: Pharm to Arm

Leaders of states, counties, and cities that persuade 80% of their residents to be vaccinated will reap the benefits – in generating higher GDP, lower unemployment, higher tax revenue, and reduced healthcare cost.

public sector
Solution for the Public Sector

As constituent behavior has moved online, it’s now more critical than ever to provide relevant and engaging digital services.