Public Sector

Better Data, Better Decisions, Better Actions

As constituent behavior has moved online, it’s now more critical than ever to provide relevant and engaging digital services.

“Our goal is to improve our digital services with user-centered design and relevant experiences, and the work we are doing with Syntasa provides the data infrastructure that powers it all.”

Technical Innovation Leader – Western State

There’s a better way

The clues you need to provide better services are in your digital data.



KPIs, charts, and graphs of your constituents’ digital behavior show you what they want and care about

digital journeys

Digital Journeys

Identify the journeys where your constituents are succeeding so you can leverage for best practices, and where they are failing



Provide the most relevant website content, the most effective advertising audiences, and the most engaging email offers

Covid Vaccine | Sentiment Analytics

Sentiment Analytics

Tap into digital behavior to keep your finger on the pulse of your constituents — which topics are most popular, how is sentiment trending, and where should you focus your efforts?

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Syntasa is a new breed of personalization and our approach is getting noticed.
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Product Capabilities

Prebuilt Integrations

Easily ingest data from martech systems (like Google Analytics or Matomo), adtech systems (like Google Ads and Facebook), CRM systems (like Salesforce); see the Product page for complete list

Identity Resolution

Our ID Graph enables to you use the identifiers in your data to stitch together data across devices, channels, and systems.

Integrated Public Data

Includes common public data sources, such as public Twitter feed, Google Trends searches, demographics, and common risk factors.

Reporting and Dashboards

Easy-to-use, self-service tool enables your entire team to view, understand, and unlock value from your data to transform insights into action. 

Analytics and Insights

Our behavioral data experts will help jumpstart your analytics efforts so you get insights faster.

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