Government agencies are leveraging digital journeys to build better services

People are increasingly living their lives online – and expectations for quality government experiences are rising.

People are not getting what they want on Public Sector websites

Get a clear view into what they want with digital journeys – and improve government services

How digital journeys can improve government services

Get eye opening results

The Syntasa Solution – Powered by Google Cloud helps you observe digital behavior to quickly find actionable insights


Why is a visitor interacting with a given property?

  • How do we identify visitor’s intent?
  • How should we segment/cluster visitors?
  • Should we personalize user experiences based on their previous visits?


What steps do visitors take to get what they need?

  • What do cross-session and cross-site journeys look like?
  • Are visitors coming from search and then going back again?
  • Can we identify “pleasant” and “unpleasant” journeys?


Did visitors succeed, make progress, or fail?

  • Did visitors succeed, make progress, or fail?
  • What are the different paths to a success event?
  • How is bounce rate affected by visitors going to other government properties?
  • What success KPIs should we track?

Turn your insights into the ultimate experience for your constituents


  • Surveys
  • Social listening

Website / Apps

  • Navigation
  • Search
  • Recommendations


  • Communications
  • Advertising
  • Notifications


  • Call center
  • Chatbot
  • Recommendations

Use digital behavior + AI / ML to build your superpower

Cluster visitors
with similar behaviors, and gain insights for People Like You (PLY)

Customize algorithms
to make recommendations like Recently Viewed by You, or Most Popular.

Build better search
experiences so users easily and quickly find what they need.

Product Capabilities

Prebuilt Integrations

Easily ingest data from martech systems (like Google Analytics or Matomo), adtech systems (like Google Ads and Facebook), CRM systems (like Salesforce); see the Product page for complete list

Identity Resolution

Our ID Graph enables to you use the identifiers in your data to stitch together data across devices, channels, and systems.

Stitching end-to-end journeys

Retroactively assembles all steps in each journey and arranges by identify and time

Starburst journey visualization

Shows step by step journeys in aggregate for all visitors across your entire digital platform

Analytics and Insights

Our behavioral data experts will help jumpstart your analytics efforts so you get insights faster.