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“I think the key selling point for us to partner with Syntasa was the ability to enable self-serve dashboards with underlying multiple different data sources (including online and offline data sources) into a format that’s available for our business casual users to interrogate. Something we could never do before.”

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“Syntasa is the only tool that I’ve reviewed that is able to deal with real-time data, at high velocity, and actually can plug natively into tools that we already have.”

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“Syntasa’s platform puts the business critical problem at the center. The pipeline, scheduling, and predictive capabilities are fit for real marketing use cases, but are flexible enough to prep difficult data and apply special transformations. With Syntasa, I am able to run experiments and focus on the insights, without spending hours coding a solution.”

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“Syntasa and GCP have enabled Sky to Dream again.”

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“Syntasa is one of only a handful of native CIP products available in the market.”