Crushing your advertising metrics

Drastically cut your advertising spend by only targeting those that are likely to purchase or expand your audiences in the most cost-effective way using first-party data and machine learning

Connecting audiences across platforms is a challenge

The demise of 3rd-party cookies causing a precipitous drop in match rates.
Connect your Adobe audiences to Google and Facebook using first-party data

There is a better way

Become more effective in advertising through the use of first-party data

Your visitors’ behavior is trying to tell you how likely they are to buy. Algorithms translate that data

Better Match Rates

DMP match rates are dropping; bypass them to connect your first-party audiences directly to advertising networks


Eliminate the manual work associated with building custom audiences for each advertising network

Product Capabilities

No Black Boxes

Build transparent AI/ML models to target advertisements more accurately (and save a ton of money) or reach a broader audience in the most cost-effective way.

First-Party Data

As third-party cookies and data fade, a strong first-party data strategy and platform is more important than ever

ID Graph

Combine all of your digital identifiers and pick the best one for matching to each advertising platform.

Audience Builder

Allows advertising and audience professionals to easily build both rules-based audiences and Algorithmic Audiences with custom AI/ML algorithms

Autonomous Activation

Activate your audiences in DSPs and/or AMPs on a continually ongoing basis so they’re always up to date for the best performance

Eye-opening results


reduction in ad spend with the same return


match-rate between Google and Adobe audiences


reduction in time and effort to build audiences

“We were able to retain 90% of purchasers while targeting only 22% of website visitors, reducing our overall advertising spend by a factor of 5, while keeping our revenue constant.”

Ashish Briganza - Director Global Business Intelligence, Lenovo

The benefits of first-party audiences are clear

Improved match rates

Scale first-party audiences to address more visitors in a cost-effective way

No tags needed

Unlike DMPs, there is no need to deploy and configure another website tag

No more delays

Avoid the back-and-forth with data, data science, and audience teams

Less manual work

Build custom audiences once and automatically activate to display, search, social, email, and notifications

Case Studies

Audiences in practice

Case Study - Lenovo

In an effort to increase online sales, Lenovo is scoring purchasing intent, then segmenting and targeting customers who are most likely to buy.

Case Study - Global Airline

A global airline uses Syntasa to build audiences and propensity models in order to predict and target those travelers most likely to purchase tickets for specific flight routes.

A multinational Electronics Company used algorithms to expand audiences beyond business rules and execute advertising campaigns in the most cost-effective way possible.