Substance Abuse and Opioids Solution

The opioid crisis is destroying families and communities

Leaders of the response need the most effective tools at their disposal to have the greatest impact. Digital behavior is a critical piece of the solution.

The social cost of substance abuse is escalating

Traffic accidents

tripled in 2021

Gun deaths

doubled in 2021

Annual societal cost

$740 Billion

Babies born with drug dependency

440,000 annually

Cost of hospital stays

$22 Billion
(78% paid by Medicaid)

Population of illegal drug users

19% in the US

Actionable insights require multiple data sources, but combining them is a challenge

Overcome these common obstacles:

  • Disjointed sources and formats
  • Months or years delayed
  • Different timescales
  • Lacking geographic details
  • Little insight into cohorts

Adding digital behavior from new data sources provides another layer of insights


Page visits and transactions


Responses from your website
visitors or the broader community

call center
Call Centers

Transcripts from voice


Transcripts from chats


Campaign response

The Syntasa Solution – Powered by Google Cloud delivers fast insights using these key capabilities


pre-built integrations
for commonly used
public data sources


AI models to
turn data into
actionable insights


using our expertise
and experience to
improve your communities

Our scalable platform is built on native GCP services.

Use cases and actionable insights

How Oklahoma is using data to improve the state’s response to substance abuse

Heath Hayes, Chief Communications Officer at Oklahoma Dept. of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, speaks at the Google Cloud Government and Education Summit.

Arizona helps citizens find appropriate treatment for substance abuse

Arizona seeks to build an accurate, easy-to-use, and comprehensive online portal to provide Arizonians with the information and resources they need to find opioid treatment services in real time.

Arizona’s Opioid Service Locator

Findings from our clients using data and digital behavior

  • Age and ethnic cohorts indicate opportunities to focus efforts and outreach
  • City details help focus efforts: both monetary and people
  • KPIs and metrics provide accountability, trends, and actionable insights

Value of reducing opioid use

A 10% reduction in opioid use results in:

  • $150MM annual impact on an average state’s economy
  • 200K fewer families impacted by a drug abuser
  • 7,000 fewer deaths nationwide

Capabilities of The Syntasa Solution – Powered by Google Cloud

Actionable Insights

Provide administrators, planners, and local partners with the ability to identify communities with the greatest needs and find opportunities for additional impact.

Self Service Tools

Provide highly consumable and easy-to-use data visualizations.


Share interactive dashboards and published reports with treatment providers, local governments, and community partners.

Integrated public data

Includes common public data sources, such as public Twitter feed, Google Trends searches, demographics, and common risk factors.

Data compliance

Complies with internal technical architecture and security guidelines.