We are behavioral data experts

Harness the first-party behavioral data from your website, apps, and devices to create better analytics, make better decisions, and take better actions

See how digital behavior yields COVID Insights ➔

Customer behavior has gone digital

Digital experiences are more important than ever.
As digital activity increases, utilizing your first-party clickstream data is critical to success.

First-party behavioral data is the key

The key to building the best customer experiences is first-party behavioral data. At Syntasa, we are first-party behavioral data experts.

Digital teams need this data to create the best experiences


Unlock the power of your first party behavioral data and unify with enterprise data at the individual level


Massive volumes and complexity requires the use of cloud services; privacy and security requires your own VPC


Build your own custom AI/ML models to fit your specific situation


Activate your model results (recommendations, etc) in your channels

Syntasa has built a new kind of technology

  • Build your first-party behavioral + enterprise data pipeline
  • Build and deploy your customized models
  • Run in your VPC
  • Activate across your channels with support from your (or the Syntasa) team


We offer pre-built solutions that solve specific business problems and run on top of our platform

Algorithmic Attribution

Data Compliance

Data and Insights

First-Party Behavioral Data Integration

Opioid Insights

Opioid Insights


Covid Insights

Identity Resolution

Personalized Recommendations

Call Center Reflection

Trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands

These companies share our passion for AI-assisted analytics and data science

Tom Slade

"The fact that we can deploy Syntasa on our pre-established environments, and exploit the outputs there, means that it adds no extra analytical effort."
Tom Slade
Insight Manager – NOW TV

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