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Unlock real value from enterprise and clickstream data

By embracing the flexibility of open-source tools, Data Scientists, Analysts, and Engineers are bringing marketing cloud data into their big data environment and applying AI models to transform it all into intelligent experiences. This is accomplished with three modules: Synthesizer, Composer, and Orchestrator.


Ingest, Transform, and Unify Data

Synthesizer apps are deployed within your cloud-based (GCP, AWS, Azure) or on-premise Hadoop environment. Enrich your data with a custom Identity Graph and enterprise metadata to build a solid foundation for creating business use case apps.


Learn and Infer with AI & ML

Customer data is usually rich but at the same time very messy and voluminous. We provide the building blocks that allow extracting intelligence out of this data at an accelerated pace so you don’t have to spend long cycles in productionizing your models. Instead, you’ll be able to focus on building your machine learning and AI business apps.


Integrate and Activate Intelligence

Orchestrator enables the delivery of near-instantaneous action based on learned behaviors and the models constructed in Composer. Without the constraints of marketing clouds and stack platforms, you now have zero limitations with the channel, technology, or format you wish to activate a decision on.

Product in Action

The best way to demonstrate our capabilities is through proven customer use cases. Explore the power of SYNTASA through our proven framework for unlocking the value of your big data.

Use Cases

Our unique approach combines open-source into a single UI, abstracting industry best practices with data use case apps.

First-Party Behavioral Data Integration

Algorithmic Attribution

AI-Assisted Merchandising

Identity Resolution

Call Center Reflection

Personalized Recommendations

Resources & Learning

Take a look at our resources library, built by and for the data science community to learn from one another.





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“Syntasa’s platform puts the business critical problem at the center. The pipeline, scheduling, and predictive capabilities are fit for real marketing use cases, but are flexible enough to prep difficult data and apply special transformations. With Syntasa, I am able to run experiments and focus on the insights, without spending hours coding a solution.”

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“Syntasa and GCP have enabled Sky to dream again.”

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“Syntasa is one of only a handful of native CIP products available in the market.”

Our Partners

We’re all about community, and our partnerships are important relationships in enabling the data science revolution.

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See Syntasa in action

Actions speak louder than words. See what an AI assisted customer intelligence platform looks like in action.