Data and Insights

Better Data, Better Decisions, Better Actions

As behavior shifts to digital platforms, it’s critical that brands pay attention to their online interactions and use that information to make better decisions and take better actions.

Combining digital and enterprise behavior is paramount

Devices Martech
Interactions from digital platforms
like websites, apps, and devices
Engagement- digital
Engagement with digital ads on search, social, and display channels
Transactions from enterprise systems like orders, customer care, and loyalty

Product Capabilities

Clean, Transform, Enrich, Validate

Data is paramount, and it’s imperative that you get your first-party data into shape before you start analyzing behavior or training models. Syntasa makes it easy.

Query Your Data

Get the information you need, exactly when you need it. Quickly answer business questions like, “What is the size of our overall audience?” 

Schedule, Monitor, Alert

Insights aren’t a one-time thing; your first-party behavioral data needs to be updated on a continuous basis so you’re always ready with the best information.


You’re trying to reduce the number of data silos; don’t create a new one with yet another tag that sends your data to yet another SaaS application. 

The right level of insight for everyone

Create dashboards and visualizations for overviews; powerful ad-hoc queries

KPIs For leaders

KPIs and trends for leaders

Graphs and Charts

Graphs, charts, and more for specific areas

Specific Questions

Ask specific questions to dig deep

Case Studies

See what our clients are doing in the digital analytics space

Case Study: NOW TV

Digital analysts at streaming service NOW TV have access to all data in BigQuery to experiment, iterate, and get faster results, and can now provide consolidated Tableau dashboards (with all of their metrics) across the team. 

Case Study: Global Media company

A global media company relies on Syntasa to combine and simplify their data and receive reliable and consistent reporting on customer behaviors.

Case Study: Sportswear company

A sportswear company uses Syntasa to automatically ingest behavioral data and provide a complete picture of their visitors’ journeys.

Analytics and insights your way

No need to rip and replace. Syntasa works with your preferred tools.
Cloud Providers
Cloud providers
GCP, AWS, or Azure
Self-Service tools like Looker and Tableau
Self-service analytics tools
Looker and Tableau
Martech tools like adobe and Google
Martech tools
Adobe, Google, and more
Tom Slade

"The customization within the Syntasa tool has allowed us to pull things, like the device type that the customer is using, into a single field that makes it really easy for us to query, and to display in dashboards."
Tom Slade
Insight Manager, Data Intelligence – NowTV