In this webinar, hear from The Telegraph on what it takes to build a successful data science team.


Data science is one hot topic that’s high on the strategic agenda today. Big data is presenting enterprise leaders and managers with enormous opportunities to transform data into a strategic asset and competitive advantage. Yet the challenges associated with current operating models, the evolving BI and digital analytics functions, and setting up an effective data science team are threatening to delay (even miss out completely on) such opportunities.

In this webinar, you’ll get an insider look at the tried and tested insights gained by the data science team at The Telegraph. We discuss the operating models which are working for them, the ones they’re avoiding (and why), and how they’re engaging the C-suite to power data innovation at all levels.


  1. BAU vs Project Data Science and Engineering teams – the benefits of the approach The Telegraph have taken:
    • How to set-up an R&D data science function
    • How to fully deliver data product lifecycle end-to-end and productionize
    • Benefits of and how to adopt a unified Data Use-Case approach
  2. Turning your data lake from a swamp into an orchestrated swarm of intelligence – where to start and what to watch out for
  3. Insight into how The Telegraph adopted a real experimentation culture across the organization