Digital Services in the Age of COVID

The COVID pandemic is devastating and unpredictable, and engaging digitally with your residents is no longer a ‘nice to have’; it’s now a must. There are two major factors contributing to this imperative.

  • Expectations are rising. People do so many things in their lives digitally – they shop, learn, bank, communicate and entertain themselves. Whether they are residents, visitors, businesses, employees, or partners, they expect their government to keep pace.
  • Budgets and funding sources are under pressure. Asking your residents to drive to a physical building, wait in line, and fill in a paper form is expensive – both in the time you ask your residents to invest, and the people and facilities you require to process paperwork. Savvy agencies are looking for more cost-effective ways to provide these services.

Download this solution sheet and learn how you can harness digital behavior to more effectively provide digital services to your constituents.