Optimize Advertising Spend

Improve campaign performance and save money. Syntasa helps you leverage your first-party behavioral and enterprise data to direct new prospects to your site, improve retargeting, enable multi-channel attribution, and more. 

Use Cases

Ad Relevance

Find the offer that is most relevant for each customer and serve them an ad targeted at that offer.

Algorithmic Retargeting

Build your own custom lookalike algorithms to expand your audience — or save big on your media spend by only targeting people who are likely to respond to your ad.

Personalized Search Ads

Display search ads based on targeted audiences built with your first-party behavioral data.


Use your customer’s behavioral data to map their journey and determine the relative contribution of each interaction. Then you can allocate your budget with confidence.

Case Studies

See what our clients are doing in the advertising space

A multinational electronics company uses Syntasa to build algorithms that expand audiences beyond business rules and execute advertising campaigns in the most cost effective way possible.

Case Study - Global Airline

A global airline uses Syntasa to build audiences and propensity models in order to predict and target those travelers most likely to purchase tickets for specific flight routes.

Case Study - Lenovo

In an effort to increase online sales, Lenovo is scoring purchasing intent, then segmenting and targeting customers who are most likely to buy.

Product Capabilities

Custom AI/ML Models

Build custom AI and ML models to improve ad targeting and enable other use cases including personalized recommendations, churn reduction, multi-channel attribution, anti-fraud efforts, and more.

Unified Customer Intelligence

Augment your customer data with intelligence provided by customized AI/ML models.

Audience Builder

Allows advertising and audience professionals to easily build both rules-based audiences and Algorithmic Audiences with custom AI/ML algorithms

Activate in DMP/AMP

Activate your audiences in DMPs and Audience Management Platforms on a continually ongoing basis so they’re always up to date for the best performance

Meagan Gentry

"Syntasa’s platform puts the business critical problem at the center. The pipeline, scheduling, and predictive capabilities are fit for real marketing use cases, but are flexible enough to prep difficult data and apply special transformations. With Syntasa, I am able to run experiments and focus on the insights, without spending hours coding a solution."
Meagan Gentry
Data Scientist/Business Analyst – Lenovo

The Syntasa Difference

Start growth
Get started quickly

You’ll see your first-party behavioral data in your environment within weeks and have your first use case in production within a few short months.


We deliver business results for household brands in live production websites, advertisements, emails, apps, notifications, and customer care centers.

Private Cloud
Private cloud

The scale and complexity of first-party behavioral data requires the power of cloud services; your sensitive customer data requires private cloud.

team expertise

We know the work we do can be overwhelming; we will be your guides. Our team of experts built and deployed 9 custom ML models in 3 weeks.

Integrates with current martech stack

Unlike other martech solutions, we don’t require you to replace the technologies you’re using for channels and campaigns; we integrate with pre-built adapters and APIs.

Room to grow
Room to grow

Syntasa is not a single-purpose SaaS application; it’s a platform that supports many use cases simultaneously. And the more you deploy the more valuable your data becomes.

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