Opioids and Substance Abuse Response

The opioid crisis is destroying families and communities

Leaders of the response need the most effective tools at their disposal to have the greatest impact. Digital behavior is a critical piece of the solution.

In the age of COVID, digital activity is critical

Citizen behavior has been gradually shifting online for years, and the COVID crisis has provided a massive jolt. Agencies that are not drawing insights into opioid and substance abuse behavior from their digital data must address this blind spot.

Combining digital behavior and outcome data is the key

Interactions from digital platforms like websites, apps, and devices

Outcomes from agency systems like prevention, treatment, and overdoses

Engagements with digital ads on video, display, social, and search channels

The power of digital journeys

Get new insights into those seeking prevention, treatment, or caring for a loved one.

The right level of insight for everyone

Create dashboards and visualizations for overviews; powerful ad-hoc queries to dig deep
KPIs For leaders
Timely and accurate KPIs and trends for leaders
Graphs and Charts
Graphs, charts, and more that allow practitioners to dig deeper
Specific Questions
Drill into specific questions to uncover hidden insights

Product Capabilities

Make data actionable

Provides administrators, planners, and local partners with the ability to see what matters most to them.

Self-service tools

Provide highly consumable and easy-to-use data visualizations


Share interactive dashboards and published reports with treatment providers, local governments, and community partners.

Integrated public data

Includes common public data sources, such as public Twitter feed, Google Trends searches, demographics, and common risk factors.

Opioid and Substance Abuse Insights Your Way

No need to rip and replace. Syntasa works with your preferred tools.
Self-Service tools like Looker and Tableau
Self-service analytics tools
Looker and Tableau
Martech tools like adobe and Google
Digital tools
Google, Adobe, and more
Cloud provider
Cloud Provider
listed in GCP Marketplace

“Improving our response to the national opioid and substance abuse crisis requires adopting new ways of approaching problems, and the data and insights from Syntasa are like a secret weapon.”

Anonymous - Mid-west State Government Leader

Insights to action

Begin with knowledge and awareness of your data. Digital journeys improve outreach and engagement
Digital Journeys

Stitching together steps for individual citizens to find: a) successful journeys to highlight for best practices and b) unsuccessful journeys to troubleshoot and fix


Create more targeted and cost-effective audiences for advertising campaigns that reach the right citizens at a lower cost


Personalize on-site and ad messaging by predicting the actions each citizen will want to take (or content they will want to consume)

Digital Data Compliance

Inspecting data on digital channels to look for personal data that is violating privacy policies, redacting it from internal systems, and alerting the appropriate teams for a fix

Call Center Reflection

Identifying website visitors that are likely to contact a person and redirect them to the most helpful online resources


Measuring the contribution of digital and physical channels to help make the most cost-effective investment decisions

Case Studies

See what our clients are doing in the digital analytics space

Case Study: NOW TV

Digital analysts at streaming service NOW TV have access to all data in BigQuery to experiment, iterate, and get faster results, and can now provide consolidated Tableau dashboards (with all of their metrics) across the team. 

Case Study: Global Media company

A global media company relies on Syntasa to combine and simplify their data and receive reliable and consistent reporting on customer behaviors.

Case Study: Sportswear company

A sportswear company uses Syntasa to automatically ingest behavioral data and provide a complete picture of their visitors’ journeys.