February 29, 2024

Syntasa Introduces Generative AI Capabilities to its Data+AI Platform

MCLEAN, VA, February 2024 — Syntasa is delighted to announce the integration of groundbreaking generative AI capabilities into its Data+AI platform. This revolutionary upgrade will empower users with enhanced functionality and accessibility, streamlining data sourcing, application scaling, and open-source algorithm implementation.

“We are thrilled to bring this pioneering technology to our platform,” said Jay Marwaha, founder and CEO of Syntasa. “Generative AI will impact every company and every government on this planet. These enhancements elevate the capability of the Syntasa Data+AI platform, enabling our customers to leverage this unprecedented power.” While most companies are experimenting with Generative AI use cases, Syntasa is one of the few who have deployed this powerful technology in production for its customers.

In addition, the platform now boasts integration with APIs for publicly available generative AI services. This feature democratizes access to cutting-edge AI technology, enabling users to tap into the power of generative AI without the need for intensive development or infrastructure support. Of particular note is the integration of APIs based on Google’s groundbreaking Foundation Models for text, chat, images, and documents. In addition, our deep partnership with Google Cloud and integration with Vertex AI product suite enables our customers to leverage the power of Syntasa sentiment analytics.

One of the significant innovations is the ability to run open-source generative AI algorithms directly on the platform. Users can now leverage a vast array of proven algorithms, incorporating them into their own applications and workflows with minimal effort. This capability opens the door to diverse, highlycustomizable AI solutions.

Furthermore, incorporating the generative AI capabilities into the platform’s app framework significantly simplifies scaling generative AI capabilities in production systems. This enhancement will drastically reduce time-to-value, enabling businesses to capitalize on their AI investments rapidly and efficiently.

“By making these powerful generative AI capabilities more accessible and scalable, we’re facilitating a paradigm shift in how businesses utilize AI,” Marwaha added. “This is another step forward in our commitment to driving innovation and empowering our clients to excel in an increasingly data-driven world.”

The new upgrade brings these amazing new capabilities to Syntasa’s Solutions as well, including Behavioral Sentiment Analytics, Audiences, Data Ready for CDPs.

Large Language Models (LLMs) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) have been at the heart of the Syntasa platform and the pre-built solutions for years, and our newest generative AI capabilities offer unparalleled insights into the online landscape. They comprehend the meaning of text and the context, sentiment, and underlying themes within conversations. This enables leaders to understand public opinion deeper and more nuanced than ever before. A standout feature is our intuitive, easy-to-understand dashboards that visually represent topics, narratives, and trends. Generative AI makes it easier for decision-makers to digest popular topics, emerging narratives, and the latest trends without wading through mountains of raw data.

Building audiences for digital campaigns has been a manual process, beginning with research and concluding with defining the attributes. New generative AI capabilities in our Audiences solution simplify this process by removing the need for manual research and allowing the user to specify audiences through a prompt-driven interface. These new capabilities also make it easier to communicate the content of audiences by generating a profile for each segment that a non-expert can relate to.

Data Quality offers pre-built integrations for popular data sources, enabling businesses to seamlessly connect and analyze their data. From websites to apps, advertising platforms, email, and social media, our solution empowers organizations to harness the wealth of data available online fully. The Syntasa Data+AI Platform is constantly monitoring these data sources as they are processed automatically, and generative AI capabilities provide more contextual information for quality alerts, making it easier to diagnose and remedy issues.

Data Ready for CDPs extends the Data Quality capabilities by making it easier to keep CDPs updated with timely, relevant, and high-quality data. From automatically describing the contents of data tables and files, to interrogating and cataloging each attribute, to summarizing the ongoing care and feeding of ingesting data into CDPs.

About Syntasa:

Syntasa provides market-leading AI-powered no-code/low-code/full-code data and AI/ML analytics technology. Syntasa is comprised of leading Engineers, Researchers, and Data Scientists who are building the next generation of no-code/low-code/full-code enterprise-grade data and AI/ML Platform technology used by data engineers, data scientists, analysts, and managers. Syntasa provides 100X improvements in productivity and cost savings for customers to take data and AI/ML projects from experimentation to production. Syntasa leverages proven streaming, machine learning, visualization, and big data technologies to process billions of records in real-time, resulting in actionable intelligence that improves decisions faster. The Syntasa technology and solutions built using Syntasa are being used by several global brands and organizations in the commercial and public sectors. Our goal is to build the best technology that addresses customers’ growing analytics needs using AI/ML.

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