April 9, 2024

Syntasa Data + AI Platform Joins Google Cloud Ready — Distributed Cloud

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone: Syntasa’s Data + AI Platform is one of a select few portfolio of software applications available on Google Distributed Cloud. This marks a pivotal moment in our journey – enabling our no-code, low-code, and pro-code application to orchestrate cloud-native services in edge and air-gapped deployments while leveraging the latest advances in data analytics, Generative AI, and machine learning.

This partnership enhances our offerings within Google Cloud Marketplace and allows us to offer additional data and artificial intelligence solutions to companies that need distributed and on-premise cloud operations. 

Creating Value For Customers:-

Google Distributed Cloud brings the benefits of public cloud computing beyond hyperscale regions. It addresses several challenges that have arisen from very high local processing, regulation, and noisy or limited connectivity.

“Google Distributed Cloud provides new capabilities that are relevant for our customers in several industries, including retail, financial services, and public sector. Syntasa’s advanced Data + AI Platform gives Google Distributed Cloud customers the power to create AI solutions significantly faster in edge and air-gapped environments and Google Cloud’s leading data analytics and artificial intelligence technologies provide an immediate step up in capabilities and allows us to dream bigger.” – Jay Marwaha, CEO and Founder of Syntasa

Retail: With a flexible approach to data analytics, our platform empowers retailers with many locations to strategically place intelligence closer to the customer and enable informed decision-making in a decentralized manner.

Financial Services: In the complex landscape of financial regulations, our platform enables secure data storage and analysis while ensuring compliance with industry regulations, such as data residency and sovereignty.

Public Sector: Trusted by the public sector, our Data + AI application has been accredited in the most highly secure environments. Google Distributed Cloud allows data engineers and data scientists to use our platform’s advanced technology to analyze sensitive datasets in air-gapped environments, meeting the unique needs of these government agencies.

“Our collaboration with Google Distributed Cloud marks a significant milestone, enhancing accessibility to our Data + AI Platform. We’re excited to extend our capabilities to new deployments, offering repeatable, reliable, and easily maintainable Data + AI pipelines. By incorporating cutting-edge Generative AI, including Vertex AI platform, we empower technical and non-technical users to leverage advanced analytics. This collaboration opens doors for businesses across sectors to harness the power of data and AI in a user-friendly manner, fostering innovation and growth.” – Shawn Zargham, CTO and Cofounder, Syntasa

About Syntasa

Syntasa are digital behavior experts. Our no-code, low-code, pro-code application orchestrates cloud-native services and leverages the latest advances in AI and machine learning to gain insights from digital behavior and activate those insights autonomously.

We deliver solutions for our clients in the commercial, public sector, and national security sectors. In commercial, we focus primarily on marketing solutions, including CDP, audiences, and personalized recommendations. In the public sector, we analyze digital behavior and conversation within the community to get insights into needs and attitudes, as well as improve the experience of digital services. Our national security clients use us as an enterprise Data and AI/ML platform to deliver many use cases and apps.

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