October 4, 2023

Syntasa announces ‘Data Ready for CDPs’ empowering marketers to scale faster in their CDP journey

Data Ready for CDPs simplifies the process of collecting, cleansing, organizing, and transforming data into the structured format that CDPs often require, enabling data and marketing teams to import clean data into their CDPs more quickly and with less effort.

McLean, VA – 4th October, 2023 – Syntasa, a leading provider of composable martech solutions, today launched a new capability for companies interested in CDPs that allows them to leverage the ‘Data Ready for CDPs’ solution within their private cloud to bring in relevant customer data for leveraging within their chosen CDP.

As companies are expanding their horizons to omni-channel understanding of customer journeys and experiences, they are increasingly looking at CDPs (Customer Data Platform) to enhance their marketing and customer engagement efforts. As privacy regulations become more stringent, companies are increasingly relying on zero and first party data to power their CDP programs. However, collecting this zero and first party data from internal systems, cleansing and transforming it to power CDPs reliably has proven to be a challenge for marketing teams.

Marketing teams on their CDP journey are discovering that normal CDP programs routinely take 6-12 months just to launch the MVP. This is a major challenge for businesses because it means that they have to wait a long time to start getting the benefits of a CDP. Additionally, companies are still doing data preparation for CDPs manually, which is a labor-intensive and error-prone process. This increases time and cost for every new data point that needs to be integrated with a CDP. Lastly, customer data is usually scattered around different systems, is normally unclean and requires healthy collaboration between various teams to make it actionable. This makes it difficult to integrate data from different sources into a CDP.

Syntasa’s core platform runs within our customer’s own Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), giving them the ability to work directly against raw data to cleanse and transform their data using low-code to full-code transformations. Ultimately, out of all the data available, the marketing team can easily select data through the UI to connect to the CDP of their choice – all without needing support from a member of the technical team. In addition to providing such a collaborative environment where both data teams and marketing teams can work jointly, the solution also adds data observability components monitoring every field of data being sent to the CDP – making it easy to identify data issues immediately instead of finding them out weeks after it impacts business KPIs.

“In the past couple of years, I have witnessed companies going about their CDP journey and facing a number of challenges along the way. Being a data person, I want to make data work for our customers. Today, I am thrilled to unveil Data Ready for CDPs that directly addresses a key pain point around ready to use customer data for activation via a CDP,”  said Charmee Patel, VP of Customer Data Solutions at Syntasa. “Our mission is to empower organizations to harness the power of data seamlessly, while drastically reducing time-to-value and operational costs. With Syntasa, the future of CDP implementation is here.”

“Today’s Customer Data Platform projects often struggle against the under-reported challenge of the ‘garbage in, garbage out’ scenario, leaving little room for post-input corrections. The time-intensive process of coordinating data requests for scaling CDP projects is a notable challenge. Establishing a Data Ready Zone, enabling seamless collaboration between data and marketing teams to address data quality issues, holds immense potential for enhancing CDP operations.”

Nick Takashima, Reply Group [CDP Lead Consultant]

About Syntasa for Marketing :

Syntasa for Marketing provides composable martech solutions offering no-code, low-code, pro-code application that orchestrates cloud-native services and latest advances in AI and machine learning to gain insights from digital behavior and activate those insights autonomously. Our solutions make it easy to cleanse and transform onsite and offsite customer data to deliver meaningful hyper-personalization solutions powered directly from first-party data. The platform also provides martech solutions to build and deploy AI/ML data science models for audience building and analysis, as well as orchestration of audience-led omni-channel marketing campaigns across paid media, CRM, onsite personalization, and martech tools.

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