Vaccine Distribution: The Realities of Today and Tomorrow

by Ted Blake

When I was a kid we played a game that reminds me of the problems facing us today with COVID-19 vaccine distribution: pat your head and rub your tummy. After a while, most of us got that one down, but the piece de resistance was to be able to switch to rub your head and pat your tummy on demand.

How does this relate to COVID-19 vaccine distribution? Today, clearly, the most pressing issue is one of supply chain management. Demand far outweighs supply and citizens are willing to travel hours to possibly get a vaccine.

Pat your head and rub your tummy.

Tomorrow, with increased supply, the problem shifts. No longer is it dependent upon the left-brained exercise of logistics. It becomes a tug of the heart, opinions matter, poetry speaks, feelings rise and the right brain gets to work: Will everyone take this vaccine? How do people feel about the vaccine? Why are they afraid and how do we present arguments that enable citizens to make the best choice for themselves and their neighbors?

Rub your head and pat your tummy.

The reality in human problem solving is that the left brain and the right brain work together. One more than the other at one moment, and then shifting in priority to solve a different problem. Solving the greatest problem facing the world this year will take both inventory management/distribution logistics AND clear messaging, cogent arguments, persuasive calls by eloquent speakers and writers informing the public.

If we do not simultaneously resolve both the logistics of distribution alongside arming our communities with knowledge today, too much time will pass. The efficacy of the vaccines administered will wear off and the virus will further mutate. We will be doomed to repeating the process all over again — the cost of which will be monstrous.

Google with Syntasa offer a solution that addresses both sides of this double-headed issue:

Syntasa Sentiment Analytics provides the tools you need to track progress in administering the vaccine in communities and demographic segments across your state. This enables your state to pivot distribution while supply is narrow, and demand is greater to these populations. More specifically our solution enables you to:

✓ Identify the cities with the largest Progress Gaps for additional attention
✓ Identify the cities with the largest Willingness Gaps for digital advertising
✓ Identify the cities with the largest Engagement Gaps for local partners to address
✓ Understand and address age and ethnic cohorts to focus efforts and outreach
✓ Contemplate policy decision changes by reviewing weekly sentiment trends

Syntasa Sentiment Analytics transforms pertinent data into useful information and analytics. We bring together the current and evolving opinions of your citizens allowing you to understand trends, misinformation, and how facts resonate across varying populations and demographics. Syntasa works with you to define logical segments (which can be culturally and/or geographically based depending on the sources of the data) and provide actionable insights for the team. Syntasa also works with your communications team, PR team, and/or advertising agency to craft messaging and has proven targeting tools that maximize your communications outreach and budget.

To learn more, visit Covid Insights Solution.

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Ted Blake

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