Better Digital Analytics

Improve reporting capabilities, detect patterns with easy-to-use visualizations and dashboards, and gain a deeper understanding of each customer’s online and offline journey. With Syntasa, stakeholders across your business can access, query, and quickly understand enterprise, marketing, and behavioral data. 

Use Cases

Reporting and Dashboards

Enable your entire team to view, understand, and unlock value from your data so that you can transform insights into action. 

Data Visualizations

Streamline journeys and detect patterns, trends, and outliers in your data with easy-to-create dashboards and visualizations of customer data. 

Ad Hoc Analytics

Get the information you need, exactly when you need it. Quickly answer business questions like, “What is the size of our overall audience?” 

Data Compliance

Your first-party data is sensitive; your customer data more so. Identify and isolate Personally Identifying Information (PII) in your private cloud.

Unified Customer Data

Our Adobe and Google Analytics Adapters make it easy to seamlessly ingest your clickstream data into your big data environment, and synthesize it with your enterprise data in a unified format.

Case Studies

See what our clients are doing in the digital analytics space

Case Study: NOW TV

Digital analysts at streaming service NOW TV have access to all data in BigQuery to experiment, iterate, and get faster results, and can now provide consolidated Tableau dashboards (with all of their metrics) across the team. 

Case Study: Global Media company

A global media company relies on Syntasa to combine and simplify their data and receive reliable and consistent reporting on customer behaviors.

Case Study: Sportswear company

A sportswear company uses Syntasa to automatically ingest behavioral data and provide a complete picture of their visitors’ journeys.

Product Capabilities

Clean, Transform, Enrich, Validate

Data is paramount, and it’s imperative that you get your first-party data into shape before you start analyzing behavior or training models. Syntasa makes it easy.

Query Your Data

Get the information you need, exactly when you need it. Quickly answer business questions like, “What is the size of our overall audience?” 

Schedule, Monitor, Alert

Insights aren’t a one-time thing; your first-party behavioral data needs to be updated on a continuous basis so you’re always ready with the best information.


You’re trying to reduce the number of data silos; don’t create a new one with yet another tag that sends your data to yet another SaaS application. 

Tom Slade

“The fact that we can deploy Syntasa on our pre-established environments, and exploit the outputs there, means that it adds no extra analytical effort.”
Tom Slade
Insight Manager – NOW TV

The Syntasa Difference

Start growth
Get started quickly

You’ll see your first-party behavioral data in your environment in weeks and have your first use case in production in a few short months.


We deliver business results for household brands in live production websites, advertisements, emails, apps, notifications, and customer care centers.

Private Cloud
Private cloud

The scale and complexity of first-party behavioral data requires the power of cloud services; your sensitive customer data requires private cloud.

team expertise

We know the work we do can be overwhelming; we will be your guides. Our team of experts built and deployed 9 custom ML models in 3 weeks.

Integrates with current martech stack

Unlike other martech solutions, we don’t require you to replace the technologies you’re using for channels and campaigns; we integrate with pre-built adapters and APIs.

Room to grow
Room to grow

Syntasa is not a single-purpose SaaS application; it’s a platform that supports many use cases simultaneously. And the more you deploy the more valuable your data becomes.