See how algorithmic attribution models help marketers quantify the relative impact of each customer interaction.

Mastering Attribution Using Data-Driven, Algorithmic Attribution Modeling

Potential customers are everywhere, but their attention is inherently fragmented. For marketing teams, this makes attribution efforts more important than ever. In this landscape, traditional rules-based attribution models do not tell marketers enough about the true customer journey. It’s multi-channel, algorithmic attribution which quantifies the relative impact of each customer interaction (both online and offline) on revenue, giving marketers a picture of the full customer journey to more effectively allocate spend across channels.

Download the algorithmic attribution product sheet to discover how to master attribution activities by applying algorithmic models to your enterprise and customer data. 

“Syntasa has been instrumental for attribution modelling, by taking complex datasets from various sources and making them actionable through customised machine learning algorithms.” -Tushar Mukherjee, Head of Global Ecommerce Analytics at Lenovo