Bring GA 360 clickstream data into your enterprise big data environment, quickly and easily.

Unify Your Clickstream Data In Your Enterprise Big Data Environment Using a Google Analytics 360 Adapter

The disconnect between sensitive enterprise data and clickstream data has prevented you from building a complete view of your customers, as most enterprise data is too sensitive to be pushed to vendor clouds. Syntasa has removed that barrier with the Google Analytics 360 Adapter, allowing you to finally standardize your GA 360 data and use it however you wish.

Download the product sheet to discover the use cases, benefits, and workflow for a Google Analytics 360 Adapter. 

“Syntasa has been really invaluable in speeding up our time to value by architecting our data and productionizing data science and machine learning modeling at scale, and in such a way that we can confidently pass that into production systems to drive the user experience.” -Paula Bobbett, Head of Online Performance at Dixons Carphone