Case Study

In this case study, read how Lenovo’s Business Intelligence team is working with Syntasa to score purchasing intent and build algorithmic models for retargeting.

How Lenovo Scores Purchasing Intent and Targets Customers Most Likely to Convert

As the world’s largest PC vendor and the third largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, Lenovo is a global technology leader in providing innovative consumer, commercial, and enterprise technologies. To stay on top, Lenovo’s CEO has recently vowed to transform online sales and bring in $12 billion in annual revenue within the next three years. Lenovo executives have approached its Global Business Intelligence team to identify ways to increase online sales, and they quickly found that Syntasa allows them to achieve business outcomes more quickly.

In this case study, discover how the Business Intelligence team at Lenovo is scoring purchasing intent and building algorithmic models for retargeting. Results included. 

“Syntasa has been instrumental for attribution modeling, by taking complex datasets from various sources and making them actionable through customized machine learning algorithms.” -Tushar Mukherjee, Head of Global Ecommerce Analytics at Lenovo

“Syntasa’s platform puts the business critical problem at the center. The pipeline, scheduling, and predictive capabilities are fit for real marketing use cases, but are flexible enough to prep difficult data and apply special transformations. With Syntasa, I am able to run experiments and focus on the insights, without spending hours coding a solution.” -Meagan Gentry, Former Data Scientist/Business Analyst at Lenovo