Case Study

In this case study, read how a global retailer is driving innovation in both the products sold and the channels through which they are sold.

Driving Innovation in How Products Are Sold at a Global Grocery Retailer

A large global grocery retailer is striving to understand every customer on an individual level – their wants and needs, how they transact, and where they transact – in order to deliver the best shopping experience to every one of them. In the UK alone, more than 79 million shoppers visit the retailer’s stores on a weekly basis (that’s 66 shoppers every second). Approximately 5 million of them will go online to their website and generate more than one million online orders per week.

The retailer needed a new platform to consolidate datasets from multiple sources and make this accessible to analytics teams across different business groups. They also needed to automate data processing in a way that allowed the data to be structured in a format which was stable and met all data engineering and data governance requirements.

In this case study, discover how a global grocery retailer is working with Syntasa to leverage clickstream data in order to better understand the browsing and shopping behaviors of their customers.