Review the take on Syntasa’s marketing AI platform (sometimes called a CIP), as reported by 451 Research analysts.

AI and Machine Learning Are at the Heart of Syntasa’s Customer Intelligence Platform

451 Research released a report on November 8, 2018 taking a close look at the Syntasa Customer Intelligence Platform. The report, written by Research Vice President and General Manager, Sheryl Kingstone, takes a look at how the Syntasa platform provides elements to aggregate and connect insights to deliver a consistent, dynamic experience across the customer journey.

The abundant growth of data, maturation of machine algorithms and increased pressure for risk mitigation and compliance have shifted the landscape for creating a single source of truth for customer data. The new requirement will be investment in Customer Intelligence Platforms (CIPs) which do more than consolidate a single view of the customer; they add a layer of data governance, synthesis and identity, which power a dynamic customer graph to fulfill the vision of contextual experiences. Syntasa’s platform is focused on helping businesses move away from simply managing transactional data toward ensuring that systems of engagement are more intelligent.

In this report, you’ll find:

  • The current state of the market for CDPs and CIPs
  • An overview of Syntasa’s three products: Synthesizer, Composer and Orchestrator
  • The competitive landscape for CIPs
  • A SWOT analysis for Syntasa