Build the Ultimate Customer Experience

You will learn how to build more personalised and relevant experiences for your customers with first-party behavioural data and AI.

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What you can expect to learn 

  • WHY personalised recommendations for your customers are critical
  • WHAT a personalised experience looks like
  • HOW you can implement recommendations, with clear examples how other big brands have used our engines

ABOUT OUR presenters

Shawn Zargham

Shawn Zargham
Co-Founder and CTO

Advanced techies get super engaged when Shawn talks about our product because he thoroughly covers the back end functionality using high-level tech concepts. He is a tech leader with expertise in architecting, developing, and deploying large-scale solutions for high-performance.

Michael Finn

Mike Finn
VP, Product Marketing

A former marketing leader at Microsoft, Michael is a marketing data and analytics expert with deep technical experience who, in this webinar, very eloquently explains to the business audience the WHY and HOW when it comes to delivering the ultimate experience for your customers. 

More about this webinar: building personalised recommendations

Consumers are increasingly expecting their favourite brands to understand their preferences and provide engaging digital experiences, including personalised recommendations and content. If the consumer feels the brand is not delivering a spot-on experience, they’re likely to turn to someone who can.

  • At the same time, delivering personalised recommendations helps brands better engage with customers and increase conversions – a direct impact on your company’s bottom line. According to a Salesforce study, which looked at 150 million shoppers and 250 million visits to e-commerce sites, 7% of visits clicked on a recommendation. That 7% is lucrative because it accounted for 24% of all orders and 26% of total revenue!

  • Top brands including Lenovo, Sky, NOW TV, and Dixons Carphone have built recommendation models with Syntasa and have seen real results. This webinar is meant to explore the current personalisation landscape, share customer stories, and help you evaluate options for serving better recommendations.
Top brands that have seen real results with Syntasa
Sky Media