Unlocking Value from Your Data Through Syntasa’s AI Platform

by Michael Finn

Gaining insights into customer behavior is essential for any brand that wishes to provide customized experiences for their consumers. Finding the right platform that can handle a variety of data, and aggregate and organize it in a manner that is usable is difficult. With Syntasa, you can merge behavioral, marketing, and enterprise data to extract actionable insights with ease. Take a sneak peek into the powerful capabilities of Syntasa’s customer intelligence platform.

Processing and Transforming Your Data

Scaling and discerning the variety of data in respect to your customers, visitors and prospects is a challenge for any organization. It is especially difficult for companies that have an excessive amount of website activity and a large amount of customer transactions. With Syntasa, the type of data that an organization encounters is not an issue. The platform is architected to deal with massive volumes of complex data, and is built to take sophisticated datasets from various sources and transform them into actionable insights. Basically, Syntasa does not discriminate in regard to data. It can ingest, validate and synthesize the following types of data:

Behavioral data: May come through tools like Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics 360.

Marketing data: Presents itself as impressions, views, and clicks.

Enterprise data: From online sources such as a CRM, ecommerce, email, as well as store purchases, call center chats, and data from channel partners.

Syntasa is fully capable of handling these types of data through our own Synthesizer product. This module is configured to ingest data from Adobe, Google and other marketing technology systems. Syntasa’s Identity Graph is also used to synthesize the data and view the behavior of each individual. Plus, our platform runs natively within your preferred private cloud service of choice to scale and distribute processing.

Assisting You with Modeling & Analysis

Extract intelligence and make your data work for you as you use Syntasa’s Composer. With Composer, you can create features, test, evaluate, select AI models, and deploy them into our Machine Learning Operations environment. Our powerful capabilities allow you to identify churn reduction, multi-channel attribution, purchase path friction, and so much more.

Putting Your Models to Work

Put your predictions to work in live marketing campaign channels with Syntasa’s Orchestrator. Our platform allows for quick and efficient action on the models you’ve constructed in Composer. You’ll be able to act immediately without any constraints from any cloud or martech platform. Organize, mold and put your data into action for your organization as you consider using Syntasa’s all in one customer intelligence platform. If you’re interested to learn more about our platform’s potential, then download our full platform overview below.

Read our PLATFORM OVERVIEW and discover the full potential of using Syntasa

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Michael Finn

VP of Product Marketing at Syntasa

Mike is VP of Product Marketing at Syntasa (a Marketing AI Platform loved by Marketers, Data Scientists, and Data Engineers for its ability to unlock real value from their enterprise and clickstream data).