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by Jay Marwaha

More and more companies are doubling down on artificial intelligence and machine learning. According to a recent Gartner survey, AI projects among leading organizations will double in the next year. Right now the average number of AI projects is four, but by 2022, the typical organization will have more than 35, according to the survey.

We all agree that harnessing customer behavioral data is critical to the success of AI/ML-driven customer experience projects. But anyone working at a large consumer-facing brand knows that synthesizing and unlocking value from the massive stores of clickstream data isn’t always straightforward.

Syntasa was built to address these challenges.

Begin realizing more value from your behavioral data

We’re now offering a free trial of our customer intelligence platform to show firsthand how our platform can help.

Leading brands like Adidas, Dixons Carphone, and Sky are already using the Syntasa platform to transform large volumes of behavioral data into intelligent experiences — providing personalized product recommendations, detecting ad fraud or other anomalies, implementing AI-assisted merchandising, and more. (Here are 6 ways AI can transform your digital marketing experience). We’ve also recently partnered with a number of other organizations for similar use cases, including a leading video streaming platform, the world’s second largest mobile phone provider, and a global airline.

The Syntasa platform leverages the power of native cloud services from all virtual private clouds (GCP, AWS, Azure) and Hadoop distributions. Each day, it ingests hundreds of behavioral data sources and adds more than 400 million events to trillions of historical records. The platform has over 40 models in production, drawn from hundreds of experimental models, and provides millions of predictions for our clients each and every day. 

Syntasa’s technology makes it easy to get started, and we want to make it just as easy to do business with us. With a free trial, you can connect your organization’s Adobe Analytics data to:

  • Reconcile your consumer behavior by user, session, event, and product
  • Create dashboards, reports, and visualizations using your favorite analytics tool
  • Experiment with pre-built AI/ML apps using our sample data sets, as well as other features

In addition to the free trial, we’ve pioneered a starter kit to enable new clients to get new projects up and running in weeks, and we’ve invested in a Customer Value Advisory team to ensure our customers are getting the most value possible.

I’m proud of the remarkable momentum the Syntasa team has achieved over our first five years. Every day I’m grateful to have the opportunity to work with iconic household brands and to be in the privileged position of seeing the next ground-breaking wave of technology come to life—right before our eyes. As I think about the next few years, I’m incredibly excited about continuing to organically scale our customer base, our use cases, and our technical capabilities.

Ready to get started now?

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Jay Marwaha

Founder and CEO of Syntasa

Jay is the Founder and CEO of Syntasa (a Marketing AI Platform loved by Marketers, Data Scientists, and Data Engineers). For the past 12 years, he has been a successful entrepreneur, having started two high-growth companies. Jay also has over 20 years of professional experience in the field of analytics, data science, performance measurement & management, and strategic planning, having worked at several organizations, including American Express, TARP Inc. and Viant Corporation.