Optimize, where it matters the most

by Apoorv Kashyap

Imagine a fictional and suspenseful eCommerce scenario:

  • It’s the third time this week that your digital prospect named cookie_id:151a115t234asfj12omds2 has spent the last 7 minutes browsing and searching for their desired products on your website.
  • It’s the first time this week that they are in the checkout area, as many teams from your entire business are holding their proverbial breath (search optimization team that spent their ad budget to target this use in Google search, display marketing team that created awareness about your website to this use, your eCommerce team that has been doing absolutely everything to gain new customers and improve CX, your Analytics and Insights team that told your search team about this person, and so on!)
  • Now then, they are in the cart… what are they going to do next, will they complete the purchase, will they look at more products and add them to the cart, or will they just leave the checkout without completing the purchase?

This exact scenario unfolds a gazillion times per day on eCommerce website across the globe each day. But there is a way for your eCommerce website to differentiate from the rest, and hence capture more revenue.

Checkout conversion optimization is monumentally crucial for your entire business, not just because of the obvious reasons -the revenue it creates, but also as a positive reconfirmation of the entire teams of business marketing sales IT and eCommerce that owe in part their existence/growth to such an event of a purchase.

There are some simple ways to improve the conversion rate:

Optimize and personalize the product recommendations, especially when a potential buyer lands in the checkout (or adds a product to the cart) because this is when you have their attention and mind space for brief few moments

Perform customer journey mapping and analytics to identify the most successful journey maps that lead to success events (purchases, renewals, engagement, etc)

Retarget the potential buyer with relevant email, display, and search ads based on their unsuccessful checkout journey

if you are not doing the above then I can tell you that you are missing a huge trick from the book of eCommerce and CRO.

If you are doing the above but doing so in a less optimally coordinated and data-laborious way between your various SaaS and eCommerce marketing clouds, then I feel your pain in bringing all of the in-flight data and decisioning together in near-realtime in order to efficiently run the optimization program.

Syntasa provides a holistic software that installs in your own cloud (GCP, AWS, Azure) and enables out-of-box functionality to run these types of conversion optimizations (and more) giving the control of data back in your own hands.

Syntasa leverages your clickstream data to provide an interactive Customer journey dashboard that shows in near real-time detail how your prospects are flowing on your website. Next, it uses this data (along with other sources like CRM and confirmed Sales transactions that you can connect to your cloud) to apply Machine Learning to find the best product recommendations based on other similar past journeys and product/category affinity scores. Finally, it triggers automated actions if it detects an unsuccessful journey so that the lost prospect can still be converted into a paid customer.

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Apoorv Kashyap

Head of Customer Value Advisory at Syntasa

Apoorv Kashyap heads the Advisory & Customer Success at Syntasa, with a goal to help early-mid maturity Digital businesses to increase Digital-channel sales, improve customer experience, and reduce operating costs by joining the Cloud technology, Data-led strategies, Mar-tech stack (re)architecture. Apoorv is a trusted advisor to the heretics of Digital, Data & eComm, and proudly carries two decades of battle scars in areas of Insights, Data pipelines & Machine Learning-led Digital Transformation programs. He is also a dad, a rock-climbing fanatic, and a motorcyclist.