Know Your Customers on an Individual Level

Your clickstream data is made up of millions (even billions) of hits. This data tells the story of each and every person on your website, through defined behavior. It’s this behavior which holds the keys to understanding intent and customer journeys. By combining clickstream data with your enterprise data you can achieve a holistic view of each individual’s journey and deliver a personalized customer experience that is tailored to each one.

The Predictive Behavioral Analytics User

The Executive

Adapt to the market with the understanding from key metrics of performance

Make decisions with machine learning algorithms that cater to customer fluctuations and behavioral changes

The Business Strategist

Influence customer journey with true multi-channel data that includes all touch points

Trigger experience across media, on-site and email through the combination of big data and data science

The Data Scientist & Analyst

Gain real insights without wasting time with report creation and excel

Integrate and control all of your data within a scalable environment

Activate Your Clickstream Data and Start Seeing Real Results

Integrating enterprise and clickstream data in Hadoop can extend the typical Marketing Cloud, and by applying Predictive Behavioral Analytics, organizations unleash a goldmine of information that can be used to effectively target customers and gain conversions.

Understand the Entire Customer Journey

SYNTASA develops the integration and connections required to move data from capture tools in order for it to become an integrated component of the enterprise analytics architecture. This sets the foundation for efficient, flexible, real-time analytics across your entire company, and provides a clear view of the entire customer journey, from first touch point to last.

Give your Customers What They’re Looking For

The best available data for predicting a visitor’s intent lies in their behavior. Analyzing clickstream data and segmenting customers based on their behavior introduces a new level of campaign alignment, allowing users to make predictions and then deliver a tailored message to achieve a specific outcome.

Increase Sales While Reducing Ad Spend

SYNTASA’s solution is designed to empower the marketer by making sense of massive amounts of data while it’s still relevant. By focusing on data science, proven algorithms and machine learning technology to make data actionable for the user, the result is less ad spend and higher conversions.

Let Your Data Work for You

SYNTASA’s technology applies sophisticated mathematical models and machine learning technology to real-time data integrated from multiple marketing platforms. This allows digital marketers to monitor the effectiveness of campaigns and automatically deliver tailored content to each individual during the customer’s digital journey.