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 Next Generation Predictive Behavioral Analytics Software

SYNTASA is helping enterprises generate real-time actionable customer insights that can enhance the customer experience and drive conversions. Our unique solution works with industry-leading marketing cloud platforms, leveraging the power of big data and machine learning technologies to deliver the behavioral analytics that matter the most. Companies gain more value from their data by viewing deeper insights into customer interactions, customer journey analysis, and behavioral segmentation.

Analytics Packages





Clickstream Ingestion Adaptors
Generic Input Event Adaptor
Behavioral Schema Configuration
Fully Automated Data Pipeline
User-Defined, Analysis-Ready Datasets
Self-Service Data Discovery
Real-Time Ingestion Adaptors
Configurable Behavioral Models
Interactive Path Analysis
Multi-Channel Customer Journey
Statistical Attribution Analysis
Algorithmic Retargeting
Behavioral Segmentation
Outcome Drivers
Propensity Analysis
Product Affinity Analysis
Data Management Platform UI & Integrations