jay marwaha

Message from the CEO

“I wake up every morning and promise myself to do two things: 1) talk to our customers and make sure we are delivering value and 2) make our culture rewarding for our employees. We are very passionate about what we are building for our customers, and each success is a testament to the smart products our employees are creating. It is very rewarding to see our customers and employees take this journey with me. I believe great companies are built on a principle that if you let employees do what they do best they will build products that everyone love, and that is why both our customers and employees want to be a part of what SYNTASA is doing.”

Our Leadership Team

jay marwaha

Jay Marwaha

Founder and CEO
I have the vision of matching the right technology with the right team. SYNTASA is my vision realized.

Shawn Zargham

Chief Technology Officer
I leverage advanced technologies to build software solutions that focus on user requirements and solve high impact business problems.
David Searle

David Searle

With over 19 years of experience in the marketing industry, I have a proven track record of establishing business whilst building trust and uncovering value for my customers.
Kirk Borne

Kirk Borne

I am a Principal Data Scientist at Booze Allen Hamilton. I believe in data literacy for all and focus on achieving big discoveries from big data.

Charmee Patel

Data Architect
I am building the next generation AI Assisted Customer Analytics application intended to handle all digital interactions.

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